May we all get the chance to take more vacations!

Inspirational Quotes for everyone.001The Wild Coast of South Africa.  
And when you do go on that vacation.

Try to take the time to detour off your route for a bit as this will usually lead you to be left with memories way beyond your wildest expectations.  Manifesting your vacation to be an adventurous journey and not just a destination station.

2 thoughts on “May we all get the chance to take more vacations!”

  1. I need to get back to the travel life. From Korea to Prague and all the places in between, I embraced their cultures and the realization settles in that we’re not so different. It’s always an insight to learn from another person.


    1. Thank you and pleased that it gave you an insightful experience. Life is to be lived absorbing the beauty in nature and the world we live in, even if we’re unable to do it further afield for now. I also enjoy learning the cultures of the land we find ourselves in. The human race is quite complex in general but our human bodies have the same organs and structure. Morals, values, ethics, traditions … may differ but these are the learning curves of respecting others traditions and living in harmony together on Earth. Hoping to manifest millions of marvellous memories in the process of life. Enjoy and thank you again for your comment.


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