Amanzi Trails River Adventure Camp

Trip Report:  27 – 28 December 2015

A perfect place for the one night, pit stopper like I was right now as it’s situated only 15 kilometres from the Noordoewer Border Post in Namibia.  An ‘easy enough’ drive in a day from Cape Town at 694 Kilometres.  To get there, you take the C13 off the B1, which you’ll find to the left,  2.4 km from the Noordoewer Border Post.  The C13 road is a tar road with some fun, quick up and down rollercoaster type of hills you pass over for the last part of the 10.5 kilometres.  The Amanzi Trails signage will appear on your left, where you take the gravel road that will take you down to the campsite alongside the mighty Orange River.

Noordoewer Border Post to Amanzi Trails River Adventures map.002

Amanzi Trails River Adventure Camp is well known for its small to large groups of water enthusiasts who take part in their 1/2/3 or more day canoe trips down the river.  A great teambuilding, family or friends bonding thing to do where you can choose to sleep in your tent or outside under the millions of stars.  Amanzi caters for your needs, they’ll feed you, and the tour guides will educate you with incredible insights you’ll find along the way.

I arrived at Amanzi Trails Campsite by 4.30pm and being the 27 December 2015; the campsite was full.  River tours were coming and going the next day.  A busload of people arrived after me with two other large buses standing by in the parking lot.  Colleen and her team were running around welcoming everyone and making sure they all knew the procedure for the next day.  She apologised for any noise that may go on at night due to the high spirits of the festive season.  The prospect of a vibrant night didn’t worry me in the least.  Everyone there, including me, were fulfilled with the festive spirit.  The sounds of joy can never be a bad thing.

I had such a refreshing drink at the bar while chatting to Colleen. I paid my camp fees so that I could leave whenever I wanted to in the morning.

They stock all kinds of useful things at Reception.  Cooldrinks, alcohol, Simba chips, ice, suntan lotion, insect repellants and various other items.  I bought some meat for the braai and Colleen had an MTC sim card and airtime for me!  I didn’t have to wait two days until I reached Keetmanshoop as the garage along the way had run out ((happy dance))!  It helps to have a local sim card in your cell phone instead of paying exorbitant roaming fees.

In the evening, it felt a little bit strange to be sitting around a campfire on my own.  It ended up consisting of some meat and a gem squash which I’d thrown on the fire just like that as I couldn’t find the foil.

I enjoyed listening to the festivities down below.  The noise didn’t last for long as everyone ended up going to bed at a decent time.

The next morning

Noordoewer, Amanzi Trails, Orange River, Namibia, Dec 2015.002

I took a few pics of the campsite before leaving in the morning once everyone had left on their tours.  I was in no rush to leave here too fast as I didn’t have too far to drive today.

Noordoewer, Amanzi Trails, Orange River, Namibia, Dec 2015.003
The one ablution block and outside hot/cold water washing up the basin.

Further down the raised grassed area, there is another ablution block which is just as large as this one in the picture above that was, conveniently, right beside me.  The water pressure is excellent, and the hot water is on tap anytime of the day or night.  The outside washing up area has been designed so your dirty waste water runs out via a pipe and your rinsing water runs out onto the ground.  There are lots of trees around to give you that perfect afternoon shade.  It is hot here in Namibia at the moment with the temperature around the upper 20 degrees Celcius mark during the day.

Noordoewer, Amanzi Trails, Orange River, Namibia, Dec 2015.005

Noordoewer, Amanzi Trails, Orange River, Namibia, Dec 2015.004

I left at 11 am to be on my way to Quivertree Forest Rest Camp, which is close to Keetmanshoop.

For more pics of this excellent campsite, you can click here, and it’ll take you to previous times we’ve stayed here over the past couple of years.  Or, if you like, click here for our trip report over July 2013 at this campsite and here for September 2013.

Here is the latest YouTube movie that Amanzi Trails have made.  It’ll give you a good indication of what you can expect on one of their river rafting trips.  Enjoy

Whenever I think of this campsite, my body remembers the tranquillity of the beautiful setting.  It’s a place my batteries regenerate all the energy that it has lost.  A perfect place to unwind.  It includes reading a book while relaxing back.  Watching and listening to the birds.  With the resident Fish Eagle not too far away.  Canoeing, swimming or just walking in the river. The stillness of the morning and evenings with the gentle afternoon breeze that may rustle through the trees.  A lekker cold drink at the bar while socialising for a bit.  Sitting around a campfire, enjoying a braai while admiring the millions of stars.  Watching a sandstorm tornado in the distance reaching up to the sky.

I can highly recommend this campsite with their green lawn, big trees,  reed fences for some privacy, thatch lappas here and there, stone braai areas, hot and cold water, good lighting at night, electrical points you can use, dishwashing sinks and the clean and close ablution facilities.  Hosts Colleen, Johan and the great team behind them will welcome you and wish you an enjoyable stay.

Amanzi Trails River Adventure Camp,
Noordoewer, Southern Namibia
S 28° 41,965’
E 17° 31,962’

Cape Town, Tel: +27 (0)21 559 1573 (RSA)
Namibia, Tel: +264 (0)63 297 255
email: or

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