Club Elani Resort, Berg River, Western Cape, South Africa

123km, 1H34min drive from Cape Town on the N7 (31.2km from Piketberg and  23.5km from Moorreesburg)

A perfect place for any water enthusiast to spend time with their family or friends for a quick weekend getaway or better yet, to spend a good week of fun, peace, tranquillity, and rest.

Club Elani has various accommodation options from self-catering cottages to lawned caravan and camping sites with some right on the waters edge.

December 2012 / January 2013 ~ 8 Days Camping

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Over the New Years festivities, we spent eight fun-filled days, manifesting memories to last us a lifetime, with family, friends and fellow holiday makers while camping at Club Elani.

We had a raised campsite, with a superb view, only steps away from the waters edge that was large enough for us to fit 8 – 10 people, comfortably.

Campsite View ~ Misverstand Dam ~ Jan 2013

Club Elani Resort was at its full capacity and yet anytime of the day or night they managed to provide us with hot showers.  They also provide the facilities of a launching pad for your boat, a shop stocking most of one’s needs, a restaurant, trailer parking and a fuel pump. These services enable you not to have to leave the premises for anything of necessity.

Our days were spent doing various fun-filled activities.  We went speeding up the river on our boat while pulling a skier, wakeboarder, kneeboarder or someone on the tube.  We then would switch the engine off and drift down the river while enjoying some fishing or swimming.  Above us, we’d hear the Fish Eagles calls and watching them soar around in the sky.  We stopped once at Sandbar to have a braai while we played some water sports with a frisbee or beach ball.  When you braai there, you have to stand with your braai and your feet up to your knees or higher in the water.   We’d go on lovely  Sunrise and sunset cruises.   We had a braai with friends at a small Beach Spot further up the river where they catered a whole lot of crayfish for us to enjoy together.

The morning times are exceptionally beautiful with the hills opposite us reflecting on the water as it mirrors image onto the stillness of the water.  There usually is not a single breath of the wind during the early morning times.  It’s a water-skiers or photographers favourite time of day and so calming to the soul with all its beauty.  The evenings were magical with the full moon casting all the light we needed. The weather was perfect for us.

We had so much fun at the Dam where it feels you’re living and loving life to its fullest while taking the time to connect with our inner child.   At night, we’d swing our glow sticks around, above our heads or in front of us.  We also had an LED frisbee that we threw around during the night.  This frisbee created some incredible, vibrant and visual patterns.

The neighbours, thankfully, enjoyed our New Years Eve playlist of music.  We all celebrated the New Year in with a good South African Braai and toasted a few drinks while dancing and socialising the beginning of a brand new year.  Our neighbours joined our party, alongside us which confirms our theory that holidaymakers and campers are usually incredibly friendly people, and it’s fabulous connecting for a moment in time together.

Classic images I’ll remember forever ~ seeing fellow boaters up the river, cooling off or braaiing at Sandbar with their dogs in life jackets swimming around or relaxing on the boats deck.

A few tips

  1. The water is not drinkable, so you need to bring your own or purify it.
  2. Dogs are not allowed unless you have a property there
  3. White clothing will go a tinge of brown due to the colour of the river water
  4. On the banks of the river, there are a lot of small to medium river rocks in the shallows which can be slippery at times.
  5. The river bed consists of sand with rock faces or farmlands on its side.
  6. You never know what may be floating down the river so keep a look out for any branches or tree stumps.

To view where Misverstand Dam is, you can click on the link here 

February 2013 ~ 5 days Camping

We had three campsites that were situated next to one another, allowing us to spread ourselves out, right alongside the rivers edge.  It was a perfect camping spot to cater for our family and friends to camp together.

We swam and fished from the rivers edge and went on many adventures on the river.

One of the most incredible things to see and experience was coming across a whole shoal of Catfish, who were preying on the smaller fish.  They would swim along the banks of the river in sufficient numbers while blocking off any escape route for the smaller fish.  These little fish would have try to skip over the top of the water to get away, only to find themselves landing straight into the Catfishes mouth!  The Catfish moved down the rivers edge while enjoying their feast!

We came across an Otter crossing the river in front of us and the Fish Eagle soaring around in the sky above us.

April 2013 ~ 4 days ~ Self-catering Chalet

Our family joined us at Misverstand Dam.  There were quite a few of us, and it was a chillier time of year, so we decided to stay in the resorts Chalets.  These chalets are elevated a bit from the river’s edge on a plush lawned area.

The chalets have all your essentials needed for self-catering and are very cleanly kept.  They had two bedrooms each, a bathroom and a small lounge, kitchen area.  There is a little veranda out front and a barrel braai on the lawn.

We were able to leave our boat tied up to the mooring in the water when it wasn’t in use.   And once again we had yet another fabulous vacation at Misverstand Dam with family and friends where memories will always remain in our hearts forever.

If you’d like to make a booking at Club Elani, you could do so by contacting them directly.  Mandy makes all the reservations, and she’s contactable via email at mandy@clubelani.co.za

Club Elani ~ The place for fun in the sun at Misverstand Dam, Moorreesburg
Contact Details: Tel: +27 (0)22 4238175
Email: info@clubelani.co.za

Facts about Club Elani and Misverstand Dam:

  • On the banks of the Berg River
  • Camping with electrical & water points on well-kept lawns & lamppost lights
  • Chalets
  • Permanent Residence
  • Quad Bike Routes
  • A sunset, bird watching boat capable of taking large numbers of people
  • Clean Ablutions
  • Hot Showers
  • Launching Slip Way
  • Cafe at Reception
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Enclosed premises with security at the gate

What you can expect to see at the Dam or on the river:

On the far left as you look out onto the dam, you’d see the dam wall in the distance.  The water overflows down to a river bed below which is not navigable by boat.  And to the right, you have about 15 kilometres of a navigable river that meanders through the countryside farms and hills.
Hours of fun bird, fish & mammal sightseeing on the Berg River.
Glass waters to waterski on, especially in the mornings or later in the day.

Berg River Fish:

  • Carp
  • Mosquitofish
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Spotted Bass
  • Bluegill Sunfish
  • Blue Kurper
  • Vlei Kurper
  • Barbel (Sharptooth catfish)

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  1. Summers coming soon, I’m looking forward to getting back on the water. All these pics making me lis for another party cruise.xx


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