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Leentjiesklip Caravan Park, Langebaan in our VW California Beach Campervan

Leentjiesklip Caravan Park is situated roughly 120 kilometers from Cape Town on the R27 in Langebaan.  With the Strandloper Seafood Restaurant on its one side and Club Mykonos Resort further up the lagoon.  It is a great place to camp, right alongside the Langebaan lagoon with its “private” beach and a view of the mouth leading out to sea.

Leentjiesklip Caravan Park from Cape Town, Google Map.001

Leentjiesklip Caravan Park, Google Map.002

It was Friday, 14th August and still a little bit too early for the Spring flowers to be out.  Our journey began with a spectacular display of thick, coastal fog lying low over the ocean and lapping up in waves onto the land.  Chapmans Peak Drive was a dramatic scene of note!

Chapmans Peak Drive, Aug 2015.006

Driving further away from Cape Town, we’d be leaving the coastal fog behind us for a while. We were hungry, so we decided to stop at our favorite sushi bar in Camps Bay at  The Codfather Restaurant before heading up the West Coast.

We arrived at Leentjiesklip Caravan Resort around  8.30pm.  The security guard who man’s the gate 24/7 let us in.  We’d phoned while on the road to let them know we were going to be arriving and staying for the night.  The security guard let us through the gate.

Leentjiesklip Caravan Park, Google Map.003

A few campers were camping on the far right, and there were plenty of lagoon edge campsites available.  Their lawns are as lush as expected with being situated right beside the sea.  A braai drum, tap and electrical plug point are on the sites.  The sites are pretty decent in size.

There are Chalets/Plettenberg cottages that one can hire if camping isn’t your thing.

The resort has a  convenient little shop at the front gate that stocks your basic holiday necessities that you may have forgotten to pack.  Kids can enjoy a few games of pool/snooker inside the cafe, or they can have a wild time in the colorful play park outside with lots of jungle gyms and swings.

Leentjiesklip Caravan Park, Langebaan.002

We camped here for one night with our VW California Beach Campervan, which was super comfy, especially when the wind came up, as it tends to do on the West Coast.  The internal heater in our van worked like a dream.  The front chairs are super nifty as they swivel around enabling lots of space and comfy conversations between us.  We can push the base of the bed upwards, and it’ll stay just under the roof until you ready to pull it back down when you go to sleep.  Creating ample headroom within the vehicle.  A la style, deluxe!

Our  MPEG below depicts a few moments in time that we spent at Leentjiesklip Caravan Park.  The music behind the MPEG is none other than the great Pink Floyd, from the album The Endless River, Side 4, Pt. 2:  Eyes to Pearls.

Drop us a comment or email if you’d like to find out anything further or perhaps you’ve spent many a pleasant/unpleasant day there.  We’d love to hear from you.

Leentjiesklip Caravan Park, Langebaan.003

To enquire or for bookings, Tel 0027 (22) 772 2461, Fax 0027 (22) 772 0523 or visit the Saldanha Bay Municipality website.

GPS Coordinates:  E 18º 2′ 33″;  S 33º 4′ 3″